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23Mink's Male Head (VRChat Asset)

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See the end of this post to look at GIFs/pictures of this head on a test avatar.

♥─ Made entirely from scratch with Blender 3.2 and Clip Studio Paint

♥─ Comes with Eye Tracking set up and Visemes already created

♥─ 110+ Blendshapes

♥─ 3 Materials

♥─ 3 different styles of textures for eyes

♥─ Several different skintones in .png format, plus .PSD/.CSP files to edit face textures

♥─ Emission/Shine Masks and UV Guides provided

♥─ Fully rigged, including ears for elf ear blendshapes

You may use this asset commercially or for personal projects, including outside of VRChat and for Vtubing (asset does not have ARKit blendshapes).

Any questions or concerns regarding this asset can be sent directly to me via DM at, to my discord at Sivka#3788, or by tagging me in my discord server.

Terms of Use↓

You must credit me when this asset is used, either by using my discord tag (sivka.), a link to my twitter (, or a link back to this asset on my store page.

♥─ You may:

  • Edit this asset
  • Use this asset on avatars to be sold
  • Use this asset on public avatars/avatars in public worlds
  • Use this asset on free/nitro avatars
  • Use this asset for Vtubing or in other games
  • Sell textures made for this asset, free or paid

You may NOT:

  • Redistribute/resell this asset by itself
  • Claim this asset as your own work (claiming credit for edits is OK!)

Please keep in mind that this product is made to be used in Blender/3D Modeling programs and Unity. This asset is not compatible with programs such as Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop, etc.

UPDATE 12/25/23 : Edits of this asset may be resold only as long as proof of purchase of the original head from me is provided BEFORE files are given to those buying the edit. If you are uncertain of the proof given to purchase an edit, please DM me so that I may verify the purchaser's information.

Important Info↓

When importing the .FBX into Blender, you may have to set the 'Face' and 'Iris' materials to 'Opaque' blend mode. You can find this option by scrolling down in the materials tab.

There are few materials in this asset which use transparency (such as the first blush option). To make this asset compatible with quest, you should delete the objects using these transparent textures. I've included two styles of blush emotes so that one can be compatible with quest.

Gifs to showcase!

Short view in unity. This uses the shine masks and basic skin matcaps in Poiyomi.

Test done in vrchat!

Use of the white lashes/brows.

Some pics:

Thank you for looking at my work!

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ZIP file containing: .FBX, .blend, Textures incl. .PSD + .CSP files, UV Guides, Emission/Shine masks for Face and Eyes

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23Mink's Male Head (VRChat Asset)

118 ratings
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