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Blood & Scars Textures for Dean/Savi Head (FREE VRChat Asset)

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These textures are made for ZinPia's Savi & Dean Heads. Heads are not included in this package.


These textures are transparent! Overlay them on top of textures or use them as decals!

♥─ 30 Textures Total

♥─ 4 Blood Textures per head (Nose, Face, Mouth, All Combined)

♥─ 7 Scar Textures per head (4 Versions of Cheek Scars, Lip, Eye, Nose Bridge)

♥─ Masks for Blood Textures included

♥─ Blood Matcap included

The textures are all separate, so you can have just a bloody nose, or just a scar on the cheek- or everything all together!

Terms of Use↓

You MUST credit me when using these textures, using either a link to my twitter (, a link to this store page, or using my discord username (sivka.).

♥─ You may use these on free, public, or paid models

♥─ You may edit these textures

─ You may NOT redistribute/sell these textures by themselves (resale only allowed on finished models)

─ You may NOT claim credit for these textures

Important Info

These textures are transparent and can be used as decals or added on top of existing textures for Savi/Dean heads. Since the textures are transparent, you can also edit them to fit the UVs for other heads using a drawing program. I am planning to add textures to this package which can be used on ZinPia's Mike & Lacy heads in a future update.

Any questions or concerns about this pack can be sent to me via DM on twitter or to my discord (sivka.). I usually respond within a few hours to a day.

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Blood & Scars Textures for Dean/Savi Head (FREE VRChat Asset)

277 ratings
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