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23Mink's Male Head | 2023 Update (VRChat Asset)

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IMPORTANT: If you bought the original version (here), there is a code included in the package of it to download this update for free! There is a code included in this head's files to download the original for free, as well, if you buy this one.


See the Important Info section at the bottom of this page to see instructions for material setup.

♥─ Made in Blender 3.2/3.6 and Clip Studio Paint

♥─ Tris: 12,574 / Faces: 6,440

♥─ 3 Materials

♥─ 55 Eye Textures in Light + Dark Styles

♥─ 13 Skin tones, .PSDs of each skin tone provided with all layers intact

♥─ Transparent Hairline Texture

♥─ 139 Unique Shapekeys (Excludes divider shapekeys, visemes)

♥─ Emission/Shine/Alpha Mask Textures Included

♥─ Quest options for Eyebrows, Blush, and Eye Crease (enabled using shapekeys)

You may use this product commercially or for personal projects, including outside of VRChat and for VTubing (asset does not come with ARKit blendshapes).

Any questions or concerns regarding this asset can be sent directly to me via DM to my twitter (, my discord (username: sivka.) or you may tag me in any channel in my discord server.

Terms of Use↓

You must credit me when this asset is used, either by using my discord tag (sivka.), a link to my twitter (, or a link back to this asset on my store page.

♥─ You may:

  • Edit this asset
  • Use this asset on avatars for sale
  • Use this asset on public avatars
  • Use this asset on free avatars
  • Use this asset in games outside of VRChat
  • Create and sell textures for this asset (free or paid)

You may NOT:

  • Redistribute/resell this asset by itself
  • Claim this asset as your own work (claiming credit for edits is OK!)

Please keep in mind that this product is made to be used in Blender/3D Modeling programs and Unity. This asset is not compatible with programs such as Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop, etc.

UPDATE 12/25/23 : Edits of this asset may be resold only as long as proof of purchase of the original head from me is provided BEFORE files are given to those buying the edit. If you are uncertain of the proof given to purchase an edit, please DM me so that I may verify the purchaser's information.

Important Info↓

In blender, the 'Transparents' Material needs to be set up using the 'Transparents Alpha' texture, which is located in the 'Transparent Textures' folder.

  • The 'Transparents Alpha' texture needs to be plugged into the Principled BSDF node using the 'Color' output, not the 'Alpha' output, as indicated below. The material should be set to 'Alpha Blend' or 'Alpha Hashed'.

  • In Unity, if using Poiyomi, the 'Transparents' material (for the blush and eyebrows) should be set to the rendering preset 'Transparent' or 'Fade'. You will need to use the 'Transparents Alpha' as the alpha map.
  • The color texture of the 'Transparents' material should match the number of the face texture (Ex. If using Face texture '1', use 'Transparents Color 1', located in the same folder as the face textures). This is so that the color of the blush/crease and quest options matches the color of the skin tone.

Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding any concerns or questions about the head. I typically respond within 24 hours to a few days, and I will do my best to help solve any problems!

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.ZIP file containing: 1 .FBX file, 1 .blend file, Eye Textures, Face Textures, .PSD files, Transparent Textures/Alpha Maps, Blood Decals, %100 OFF Code for the original 23Mink's Male Head

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23Mink's Male Head | 2023 Update (VRChat Asset)

211 ratings
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