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Short Wavy Bob (FREE VRChat Asset)

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The head used in these previews is ZinPia's Lacy Head edited by me. Head is not included in this package.


Straight Bangs Style:

♥─ 7,318 Faces

♥─ 14,636 Triangles

♥─ 52 Bones (including Head and HairRoot bones)

♥─ 2 Blendshapes for 'Bangs Long' & 'Bangs Short'

Wavy Bangs Style:

♥─ 7,494 Faces

♥─ 14,988 Triangles

♥─ 52 Bones (including Head and HairRoot bones)

♥─ 2 Blendshapes for 'Bangs Long' & 'Bangs Short'


♥─ UV Mapped to textures from the Hair Texture Pack by Cicieaaa#7777:

***Only the Blonde_02.png texture used in the showcase images is provided. You will have to download Cici's hair texture pack to change the texture.

Terms of Use↓

You must credit me when using this asset, using either a link to my twitter (, a link to this store page, or using my discord username (sivka.).

♥─ You may edit this asset

♥─ You may use this asset on free, paid, and public avatars/models

─ You may NOT resell/redistribute this asset alone/by itself

─ You may NOT claim this asset as your own work (claiming credit for edits is OK!)

Important Info

Poiyomi Pro was used for the GIF in unity, the first several pictures were taken using Blender. The hair transparency may vary based on the settings you use.

You may need to set the material of the hair to 'Alpha Hashed' in blender's material properties.

If you have any problems or questions concerning this hair, feel free to message me via DM on or by sending me a message on Discord (sivka.)! I usually respond within a few hours to a day.

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Short Wavy Bob (FREE VRChat Asset)

448 ratings
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