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Fluffy Emo Hair (VRChat Asset)

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The head used to model the hair in the first image is an edit of Starlynn's Anime-Styled Head. Head not included.


♥─ 9,905 Faces

♥─ 19,795 Triangles

♥─ 56 Bones (Including Head and HairRoot bones)

♥─ Comes with 44 2k resolution square hair textures in several different colors

♥─ Comes with two different Emission maps, a 4k resolution AO map, hair matcap, and Normal map

♥─ 1 Blendshape to make the bangs longer

Terms of Use↓

You must credit me when using this asset, using either a link to my twitter (, a link to this store page, or using my discord username (sivka.).

♥─ You may edit this asset

♥─ You may use this asset on finished public and paid models

♥─ You may use the textures for this hair on other hair assets or commercial products to sell

─ You may NOT use this asset on free/nitro models

─ You may NOT sell/redistribute this asset by itself/alone (this includes edits)

─ You may NOT claim credit for this asset (claiming credit for edits is OK!)

Important Info

I used Poiyomi for the renders in Unity!

This hair can use the same method of decal for AO map as the free short fluffy hair that I made. You have to set the decal to UV1 and set it to multiply (or whatever you feel looks best) to use it. I recommend lowering the 'alpha' option of the decal if you use it with a lighter colored texture.

If you import the FBX into Blender and it is transparent or odd looking in the material shading viewport, you will need to scroll down in the material menu, go to 'Settings' and set the blend mode to 'Opaque'.

Any questions or concerns can be sent to me by DM to or by sending me a message on Discord (sivka.). I usually respond within a few hours to a day.

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.ZIP containing: .FBX, 44 Hair Textures, Normal/AO/Emission Maps, Matcap

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Fluffy Emo Hair (VRChat Asset)

34 ratings
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